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Ok so you want to be a driving instructor or you have just passed part 1 & 2 and now need a good lesson plan training aid. You have come to the right place. It will be the best £35 you will ever spend.

Yes everything direct to your PC from only £35.

This website explains what you will need to do its full of useful information with everything in one place.

If all you want is the
lesson plan training aids click here 

Our printer friendly lesson planner is designed to aid the instructor with lessons given to a beginner, Part trained or even the examiner on your part 3 test and pupils approaching test standard  This new lesson planner is easy to use so the arrangement of the lesson can be done in order but doesn't impose a strict order in which lessons should be given. This will depend on your pupils' needs, ability and confidence, also your location.

Unlike any other lesson planner or training aid on the market this is the only set you can Edit to suit your own style change the colours add or remove items. Personalise them with very little work to suit your teaching methods.

You get the full package at less cost than the rest no need to buy anything else unlike other training aids.

If you loose, damage or want to edit no problem just print that page again without having to buy a new training lesson plan.

Add your own photos name or company name to the set with any draw program.
Printer friendly Every lesson plan is set out on a white background with only the plan its self in full colour so you dont use to much ink everytime you print them off.

These plans are a great giveaway to your pupils helping them remember the lesson and also go over it in their free time.

One off payment life time of use Buy me now.


Lesson planner.

Cockpit drill
 Vehicle controls Maual & Auto
 Blind spots
 Moving off & Stopping 
Turning left
 Turning right
 T-Junctions (Emerging)
 All Roundabouts 
All Pedestrian crossings
 Anticipation & Meeting traffic
Includes Adequate Clearance
Controlled (Emergency) stop 
Turn in the road
 Left corner reverse
 Right corner reverse
 Parallel park
 Left & right Bay parking, 
 Dual carriageways

You will also receive blank road layout for your lessons to aid your explanation + much much more.

The Samples are shown so you can see what you are buying.
Samples shown are of low quality this is a security measure to stop people just down loading and using them for free.
Pay through paypal then you will be granted access to the download page. 

The clever bit.
You will never have to buy another Lesson planner again.

Why ?

The picture briefs can be edited on any PC before printing to suit your style of teaching.
So unlike every other training aid on the market that comes in PDF format or book form which if the lesson plans dont suit you then you have to buy another set.

The plans are not copyrighted for single use.
With the plans you will have the right to alter to suit your style but you can not sell or give to a third part. Regardless of any editing you might have done.

Tip. Print them off, put them in a plastic wallet folder.
As you use them write on them as require then edit the copy on your PC print off, laminate and you have yourself a cracking set of personalised lesson plans.
Its all just cut paste save print its that easy.

An invaluable aid for the trainee instructor (PDI) as well as fully qualified instructors (ADI) is also included.
 The prompt cards covers both the phase one and phase two of the ADI part 3 examination. No more worries about 'drying up' on the test. These cards will remind you of all the important points to cover.

The cards can be laminated and by using dry-wipe pens allowing you to tick off the key lesson points as you cover them. There is one card for each Pre-set test. Once qualified, the cards will be invaluable in your everyday lessons or your check test forming the basis for your lesson plan.

What you get.
All the PST lesson plans required for part 3 and also to use with your new pupils.
All the part 3 briefs in word format.
Fault analizing invaluble for part 3 & pupils alike.
Prompt cards.
Colour picture briefs. (can be edited)
Blank road layouts for your own drawings/examples.
Book cover Index for both phase 1 & 2 so you know what picture goes with what PST.